Lakes Area Professional Women

Our Vision: To be an advocate for women.

Lakes Area Professional Women gather to uplift and support each other and our community. Members benefit from the networking, support, and professional opportunities that the organization provides.

The mission of Lakes Area Professional Women is to promote equity for all in the workplace through advocacy, education, and information. We strive to elevate the standards for everyone in business and in their professions, to advocate for business and professional growth, and to bring about a spirit of cooperation among business and professional women.

We are here to extend opportunities to our members, and to connect business and professional women to develop personally, professionally, and philanthropically.

Lakes Area Professional Women began in June 2009. Prior to this time, our organization was known as Alexandria Area Business and Professional Women (AABPW). AABPW starting in 1944 and has a long history of being an advocate for women.

Our Mission:

Connecting Women

Personally, professionally, and philanthropically.


  • President

    Katelyn Steffel Spangrud

  • President Elect

    Emily Geris

  • Past President

    Cassandra Johnson

  • Treasurer

    Stacy James

Katie Stokesbary
  • Secretary

    Katie Stokesbary

  • Member At Large

    Darla Hacker

  • Member At Large

    Paige Meier

  • Member At Large

    Lynn Barton

Past Presidents: 2022-2023 Cassandra Johnson | 2021-2022 Danielle Peterson | 2020-2021 Marie Shores | 2019-2020 Jill Swanstrom | 2018-2019 Tina Rice | 2017-2018 Michelle Huemoeller| 2016-2017 Jennifer Wegner | 2015-16 Nicole Fernholz | 2014-15 Sara Stadtherr | 2013-2014 Joyce Moe | 2012-2013 Jenniffer Rugani | 2011-2012 Shari Maloney | 2010-2011 LaTresse Snead | 2009-2010 Sara Gronholz | 2008-2009 Nancy Klepetka | 2007-2008 Lynn Grueneich | 2006-2007 Del Mari Runck | 2005-2006 Irene Vagle | 2004-2005 Tara Bitzan | 2003-2004 Patty Wicken | 2002-2003 Cindi Kortie | 2001-2002 Erin Petermeier | 2000-2001 Julie Blank | 1999-2000 Marlene Bettin | 1998-1999 Glenda Stokes | 1997-1998 Terri Mogenson | 1996-1997 Pat Converse | 1995-1996 Lori Anderson | 1994-1995 Jill Blashack | 1993-1994 Sue Doege | 1992-1993 Janet Thorkelson | 1991-1992 Stella Bowland | 1990-1991 Cindy Plaster | 1989-1990 LouAnn Wewetzer | 1988-1989 Joan Gilbertson | 1987-1988 Stella Bowland | 1986-1987 Peggy Goemer | 1985-1986 Jan Esala | 1984-1985 Edith Kelly | 1984-1984 Nancy Fisher | 1983-1984 Vicki Sh | ening | 1982-1983 Virginia Hevern | 1981-1982 Carol Anderson | 1980-1981 Joanne Holl | 1978-1980 Gladys Steinhorst | 1976-1978 Shirley Norbeck | 1974-1976 Lillian Clark | 1972-1974 Marlene Lorsung

What Members Are Saying

I joined BPW (LAPW’s predecessor) in 1987 (it may have actually been earlier). I wanted to connect with other professional women on a personal and professional basis and the organization provided me with both. I have especially valued the opportunities BPW and LAPW provided after I became self employed working from home.

The educational, philanthropic and social aspects have all been important.  And the more involved I became, the more I got out of the organization.

Nancy Doebbert

I looked into joining LAPW when my employer wanted me to get involved in an organization in the community.  My friend, Tara Bitzan, had been President of LAPW and honored as Woman of the Year.  I figured if this was an organization that Tara was a part of, it must be a great group of women.  I attended a few meetings as a guest and joined shortly thereafter.  As a result, I’ve met so many great women since joining and participating in LAPW activities.


Jaci Stepan

Bell Bank

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