Benefits of Membership

Being a part of a professional women's association offers a multitude of benefits that extend far beyond the realm of career development. It provides a unique platform where women can connect, collaborate, and draw inspiration from a diverse community of accomplished professionals. 

Networking opportunities

With local business women

Leadership Development


Skill building & mentoring

And educational opportunities

Inclusion in community events

Including Empowered Event

Enhance Your Skills

Gain practical skills through involvement on LAPW team
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Scholarships Available

Eligibility for scholarships that serve and support our communities and members
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Membership Investment: July – October: $125  |  November – May: $100 |  June: $75
The membership years runs from July 2023 - June 2024.

LAPW opens doors to a dynamic network of like-minded individuals, providing invaluable opportunities for personal and career growth in an environment dedicated to empowerment, support, and advancement.

nicole fernholz

LAPW has been part of my own personal growth, and I believe it's so important to know who you are... I look forward to seeing its continued evolution.

– Nicole Fernholz

Director, Alexandria Area Economic Development Commission

janelle petermeier

I recommend LAPW to any professional woman who is looking to network, and look forward to more years of being inspired by the members.

– Janelle Petermeier

Recruiting Manager,
Pro Staff

kim carlson

We must support one another so that we all have an opportunity to succeed and excel in whatever work capacity or career we are in. Always.

– Kim Carlson

2023 LAPW Women of the Year


  • Membership

    This committee provides a solid foundation for the growth of the Organization through recruitment of new members, support/onboarding of new members, and strategic retention strategies for existing members. We serve as a resource to new members by providing support through conversations and introductions that will cultivate and promote positive ongoing relationships between LAPW members.

  • Events

    Our purpose is to plan and coordinate the LAPW's signature events that bring to life the LAPW mission, vision, and values to the public.

  • Programming

    This committee coordinates and organizes the regularly scheduled monthly luncheon program topics for the year, as well as an array of meaningful member programs and events. The goal of our programming is to address the multiple and diversified interests of LAPW members consistent with our mission of connecting women personally, professionally, and philanthropically.

  • Scholarship

    This committee accepts and reviews applications for LAPW member and member dependent scholarships and selects recipients.